About Us

The Glenwood Figure Skating Club, founded in 1969,  is a United States Figure Skating Club (USFS) that services skaters in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Our mission is to encourage the instruction, practice, and advancement of our members in free skating, moves, pair skating, ice dancing, synchronized skating, and all other types of figure skating.

Board Members:

President:  May Wiza (mayfsc@aol.com)
Vice President:  Marie Sifuentes (msifuentes@comcast.net)
Secretary:  Sharon Stanford (skstanford@comcast.net)
Treasurer:  Deborah Swanson (kramerswanson@att.net)

Senior Skating Members:
Karen Adamczyk
Abeer Bader
Kirsten Evenhouse
Rashel Feldman
Lisa Krenkel
Kim Pasinski
Nikki Patnaude
Don Sobolewski