Hall of Fame

We are very proud of our skaters who have persevered to pass high level tests.

Gold Medalists in Moves                    Gold Medalists in Dance
Ashley Grazutis (2015)                           Lisa Nicks (2017)
Colette Jackson (2017)                            Stephanie Peters (2013)
Kate Jennings (2014)                              Maddie Stanford (2011)
Jordan Kurry (2011)                               Nicole Steffensen (2015)
Maggie McGonigle (2010)
Stephanie Peters (2010)                        Gold Medalist in Free Dance
Maddie Stanford (2011)                        Nicole Steffensen (2015)
Nicole Steffensen (2014)
Gia Swanson (2017)
Haley Vihnanek (2015)